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Singapore Prison Cane

This cane is the absolute favourite of my Mistress Miss Sunny Also my favourite
For serious punishment this cane is superb Very painful when applied with force but has taken me to the next level of caning Enduring it is worth it for the pleasure it gives both of us

Excellent Junior Cane fast Delivery

Outstanding craftsmanship. A+

Amazing paddle nicely weighted.

Excellent workmanship, gives a good Thud then an amazing sting

Purchase was a birthday gift for Governess Miss Zee please contact her for a review.

Ultimate Singapore Prison Cane

Ultimate Singapore Prison Cane- Skin on (22-24mm) with Black Handle
This arrived quickly and discretely....very imposing and not for the faint hearted!! and something that's seriously been missing from my not so little bag of ouchies so when I saw the sale price I just had to get it.
Not had chance to try it out yet but its absolutely amazing and looking forward to popping its cherry on a very happy willing bottom/s very soon.

Amazingly painful :-)

Quality Control really take great care with their products. This cane arrived arrow-straight with perfect weight balance. It's extremely easy to control and leaves very defined long-lasting marks on bare skin. Really hurts and really recommended.

Best place to buy canes

Fantastic quality. I bought several different ones. The Reformatory is my favorite by far. Senior is a close second. I recommend spending the extra and getting the ones without knots.


Quality Cane which will sort out most misdemeanours

Ouch !

Excellent cane nice and stingy,

Best canes

Fantastic service, superb products , the best place to shop for discipline equipment!

Excellent Quality.

The 2 layer long spoon paddle packs a punch. Plenty of sting with just the right amount of thud to act as a next day reminder.
I understand it's also available in 3 layers.

Little stingy devil

A beautiful little whippy cane with a serious sting in the tail and a fantastic sound through the air

Barring Delrin, the ultimate

This cane is truly fearsome. It's mark last for weeks on me (albeit it was wielded by an expert). Highly recommended.

Superb medium severity cane

A good, severe but not excessively-intense cane. Can be used for fast sets of 6 or 12 strokes. Recommended.

Superb, fast and whippy

A really nice cane, fairly light and easy to wield but still long enough to create a intense, sharp sting. Highly recommended.

Severe and intense - superb!

Beautifully finished by Quality Control, this is a superb cane, ideal for those who ant to stretch their limits. If you're fairly new to receiving the cane you might want a hand or paddle warm-up but I prefer receiving it full intensity to bare right from the start, especialy when you find someone who uses it properly and doesn't hold back, leaving very good stripes that last. Highly recommended.

dragon cane

Excellent product. Very fast shipment.

"Allora", a gift for Mistress

Nice easy ordering process, very straight-forward and easy to complete. Web pages were all well laid out and clear, and the payment process was secure and well handled.

I was a tiny bit concerned upon delivery as Royal Mail had managed to abuse the package enough to break the postal tube the cane had been sent in - fortunately the contents were not damaged. I got in touch with QC, and found them to be very responsive and helpful, giving advice on how to check the cane for damage and reassuring me that it would be sorted out if there were any issues.

On delivery, this caused a massive grin on the face of Mistress Raven, and she soon got to grips with her new implement. She was exceedingly complimentary on the characteristics of the cane, saying it was of excellent length and balance, and very nice to use. An initial test run of 60 strokes proved to be a good warm up, and I think we're all very happy with the result. Excellent purchase!


This is well worth the price. Straight, smooth, and the handle is both beautiful and comfortable. The welts it leaves are marvelous, too.

Whippy and good sting

Nice whipping action and easy to control. Nice sting!

Junior Dragon cane

Thank you . Very good quality cane, one of the best . Will definitely recommend you.