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Slave Leads

From heavy chain slave leads with police issue handcuffs on the end to elegant fine chain lambskin leads, we have a range of superb slave leads for every occasssion. The bridle leather handles are all edged and polished to give beautifully finished edges and our lambskins are all water resistant to help keep them clean. A variety of different colours are available to help you match them up with your favorite collar.
Chain Leads
Chain leads are 96cm long with a trigger hook to attach to your favorite collar. They come with either a bridle leather handle with edges that are rounded and polished, or soft lambskin handle in various colous. All are available with either a thick or thin chain to suit your needs.
Crystal Chain Leads
Crystal Chain leads are 96cm long with a trigger hook to attach to your favorite collar. They come with a black soft lambskin handle that is covered in the finest Austrian crystals made by Swarovski and have a higher brilliance than normal crystals. Available with either a thick or thin chain.
Leather & Lambskin Leads
Leather leads are 96cm long with a clip to attach to your collar. Made from one piece of thick black veg tanned leather thats soft & very strong. Lambskin leads are the same length & made from soft water resistant lambskin that feels fabulous in the hand & are easily cleaned. Available in various colous.
Handcuff Leads
These Hiatt Handcuff Leads are used for escorting prisoners. Excellent in a club or whenever you want to keep your slave on a tight leash. The hand straps are top grade English bridle leather and the chrome plaited chain is 90cm long with a chioce of Hiatt handcuff on the end.
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