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King Riding Crops

Some of the finest leather hand plaited crops in the world, designed for the true connoisseur who demands the very best. The King Professional even has a felt covered leather keeper which does not leaves marks.
C30 King Full Plaited
This exquisite crop has a stiff fibreglass shaft that gives lots of control. The stunning leather plaiting along the entire shaft length is then finished off with a Turks-head knot to give it a truly magnificent finish. Length: 71cm. Shaft 1
Price £ 70.00
C31 King Plaited
The most popluar choice in the King range, this very attractive looking crop has a more flexible black leather plaited shaft and a wrapped leather handle, finished off with two superb turks-head knots. Length 73cm. Shaft 3
Price £ 65.00
C32 King Classic
A classic crop with a distinctive smooth leather covered fibreglass shaft. The stiff shaft helps stoke accuracy and the beautifully finished leather handle with two Turks-head knots give it a feel of pure quality. Length: 74cm. Shaft 1
Price £ 50.00
C33 King Pro
This professional jockey whip has a long leather keeper that is covered in soft felt to help prevent marking the skin. It's stiff shaft helps stoke accuracy and the rubber handle gives excellent grip. Length: 67cm. Shaft 1
Price £ 45.00
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