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Carriage Whips

Our carriage whips are guaranteed to get your partners full attention. They have stiff fibreglass shafts and a long leather or nylon fall, making them really easy to crack. Leaves very prominant marks and can break the skin.
C90 Braided Carriage Whip
Our braided carriage whip has a slightly flexible fibreglass shaft and a long nylon fall that is easy to crack. Great for pony play or as a frightening deterrent. The rubber handle gives good grip. Length 225cm.
Price £ 40.00
C91 Leather Carriage Whip
Very easy to use, the leather carriage whip has a stiff fibreglass shaft with an elegant lacquered finish. The detachable leather fall will bite like nothing else can and must be used very carefully. Length 196cm.
Price £ 55.00
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