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Riding Crops

Quality Control crops are made to the highest standards. All have leather flappers which are hand whipped onto the shafts and then varnished, unlike other other cheaper copies. Our range consists of different flapper sizes and shafts to give a variety of sensations. Various lines are produced in different colours to give a wide choice. To help you select the right crop we have given each a rating from 1-5 based on the flexibility of the shaft: 1-very stiff, 5-very flexible

Crystal Riding Crops
These impressive handles are made from the finest Austrian crystals by Swarovski. They have a higher brilliance than normal crystals and look stunning. Different keepers & shafts give a variety of options to choose from.
Queen Riding Crops
Our most popular crops are designed purely for spanking with large leather keepers that make a superb sound. These larger keepers help to prevent the shaft coming into contact with the target area and are easy to control.
Queen Fur Riding Crops
Our Queen range is available with very luxurious black fur on one side. This lets you to spank with a stingy leather side and then stroke and tease with the soft black fur side. A delicious mix of pleasure and pain.
Queen Padded Crops
Our fabulous new riding crops with oversized keepers are perfect for virgin bottoms and those who enjoy long spanking sessions. A soft lambskin pad makes lots of noise without the pain and a harder leather side gives a sharp sting and a nice glow.
King Riding Crops
Some of the finest leather hand plaited crops in the world, designed for the true connoisseur who demands the very best. The King Professional even has a felt covered leather keeper which does not leaves marks.
Prince Riding Crops
These crops all have a stiff action that helps to be more accurate . They come in various colours with durable rubber handles that give extra grip and a chrome ring so they can be hung up or clipped onto a Quality Control belt clip.
Lord Riding Crops
These crops are more flexible and consequently have a softer action. They are excellent for flicking strokes with the wrist, giving a sharp stinging sensation to the receiver. The rubber handles give superb grip, even when the hand is wet.
Earl Riding Crops
Popular crops with a leather hand shaped keeper that leaves a glowing hand shaped mark after impact. They come in four colours, have leather wrist loops and are great fun as well as being very easy to use.
Earl Fur Riding Crops
The leather keepers leave a glowing hand shaped mark after impact that can be turned over to stroke the sore bottom better with the very luxurious black fur side. Available in four colours, all with useful leather wrist loops.
Duchess Riding Crops
These light and flexible crops make it easy to administer flicking strokes with very little effort. They give a stinging sensation that is very localised. Available in four colours, all with useful leather wrist loops.
Dressage Whips
Quality Control dressage whips produce a fantastic swishing sound and are perfect for whipping across nipples and other parts of the body. All have a flexible fibreglass shaft and stinging cracker at the business end.
Carriage Whips
Our carriage whips are guaranteed to get your partners full attention. They have stiff fibreglass shafts and a long leather or nylon fall, making them really easy to crack. Leaves very prominant marks and can break the skin.
Riding Crop Carrying Case
This handy black shoft case lets you transport your riding crops and canes around very discreetly. It has a handle and Zips up securely. Will take crops and canes up to 105cm.
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