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Total Control Handcuffs are made by the people who owned Hiatts. They have taken their vast experience of making handcuffs and produced an even better range that is now used by police forces around the world. All the modern range have a unique backloading feature for speedcuffing and the old patterns have rounded edges to make them more comfortable for the wearer.
Modern Handcuffs
Our modern handcuffs are police issue & made by TCH formally known as Hiatts. The range includes chain style, tri-hinge, & rigid speedcuffs. They are all rust resistant, have smoothed machined edges to avoid skin abrasions & possess a unique backloading feature for speedcuffing techniques.
Handcuff Leads
These Hiatt Handcuff Leads are used for escorting prisoners. Excellent in a club or whenever you want to keep your slave on a tight leash. The hand straps are top grade English bridle leather and the chrome plaited chain is 90cm long with a chioce of Hiatt handcuff on the end.
Handcuff Pouches
The leather handcuff pouches are made for our modern range of handcuffs. Made from high quality black leather, they allow you to carry around your handuffs easily & safely. If you play with your cuffs in clubs then these are a must if you dont want to lose them. They look really stylish too!

Handcuff Keys
Extra handcuff keys are always a good idea incase of emergencies. We supply modern keys that fit all our modern police issue TCH & Hiatt Handcuffs, as well as keys for both the 104 and 115 Old Pattern Hiatts Handcuffs.
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