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Very Severe Floggers

Our most severe floggers have fewer tails than our other whips. They are also narrower and made from denser materials, making them very stingy. These floggers will really bite into the skin and should only be used by serious players.
W1 Black Cat O Nine Tails Flogger
The balanced black leather plaited handle gives outstanding performance and has a beautiful finish. Each of the nine hand plaited full grain cowhide tails are securely finished with a knot that really bites into the skin. It will strike fear in the heart of any potential recipient. Length 90cm.
Price £ 495.00
W2 Black Heavy Stirrup Butt Leather Flogger
This very severe flogger has 5mm thick English Stirrup Butt leather tails with polished edges wrapped around a thick leather covered handle. It gives a very intense stinging sensation and leaves clearly defined marks. Length 80cm.
Price £ 195.00
W3 Black Heavy Rubber Flogger
Ten heavy rubber tails (6mm thick) make for a very severe piercing sensation that will never be forgotten.These are mounted on a thick handle covered with water resistant lambskin. Length 80cm.
Price £ 80.00
W4 Black Rubber Cord Flogger
A ferocious flogger made with 20 rubber cord tails producing a brutal sting. The neoprene rubber handle gives excellent grip and is finished off exquisitely with a hand plaited rubber cord knot. Length 64cm.
Price £ 90.00
W5 Black Cowhide Studded Leather Tails, Long Chrome Stud Handle
Chrome studs on a black water resistant leather lambskin makes a very functional handle. The end of each 13mm wide cowhide leather tails have flat chrome studs which result in a very intense sting from each stroke. The full grain leather tails are water resistant and easily cleaned. Length 80cm
Price £ 100.00
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