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Large Floggers

Our largest floggers are available with different hand crafted handles, from classic chrome to plaited leather and exotic Swarovski Crystals. Various skins are used for the tails to produce a wide range of sensations from very gentle to very severe. Most have water resistant tails so they can be easily cleaned.
Very Severe Floggers
Our most severe floggers have fewer tails than our other whips. They are also narrower and made from denser materials, making them very stingy. These floggers will really bite into the skin and should only be used by serious players.
Severe Floggers
The severe floggers have a variety of different handles. Two types of tails are used, bridle leather and rubber. Bridle leather is cut into thin tails to give sharp stingy floggers that will leave marks and rubber is used to produce heavy, thuddy floggers.
Moderate Floggers
Moderate floggers use water resistant cowhides that are very easy to care for. Just wipe down with a damp cloth and they will dry soft, unlike other leathers that will crack and dry hard. The 5mm floggers are more stingy than the wider 10mm floggers which feel more thuddy. Both come with a wide choice of handle.
Gentle Floggers
Softer cowhides in leather and suede are used on our gentle floggers. The leather floggers are water resistant and can easily be wiped clean and will dry soft. Excellent for warm ups, they give a soft thuddy sensation. Both are offered in many handle styles.
Very Gentle Floggers
Our very gentle floggers are carefully handmade from the finest and most expensive lambskins from the worlds top tannery. The ultra soft tails are perfect for warm ups, light whipping or to simply drag across the skin for a delightfully erotic sensation. which can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth or even washed.
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