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Dragon Canes, School Canes and Punishment Canes

Looking to buy School Canes & Punishment Canes? ...Our excellent rattan cane range consists of traditional school canes handcrafted from Kooboo Loontie and unrivalled natural dragon canes. Both are available in different weights offering a wide range of sensations. They are washed and sulphured making them cleaner and more hygienic, with knots being sanded down to give a first class finish. A selection of very severe singapore prison & fibreglass showcanes are also available that can be used for show or as very effective discipline instruments.

Kooboo Canes
Our traditional school canes are Kooboo Loontie, the finest school punishment canes available. Each cane is individually cut to ensure that it is perfectly balanced. Each knot is then carefully sanded down by hand and then we carefully apply three layers of liquid wax to give it a beautiful finish.
Dragon Canes
These dragon canes are the highest quality punishment canes for sale anywhere. They are perfectly balanced, with each knot carefully sanded down by hand. Being heavier than kooboo, these superb Dragon canes are more severe than most other types of punishment cane and because they are so straight, you can be accurate with every stroke.
Singapore Prison Canes
These genuine Singapore prison canes are made to prison specification at 13-14mm thick and available in a limited edition version of 22-24mm thick which is totally brutal. They are very heavy canes for serious players only and will leave significant welts. The Singapore prisons soak the bottom third of the cane overnight to add even more weight and sting. These punishment canes are not for the faint hearted.
Synthetic Canes
Very dense black canes which give a very intense punishment and are even more severe than our dragon canes. They are straight and are made from a high impact resistant synthetic material so they are very difficult to break. Discipline canes are available in different thickness's.
Show Canes
Our distinguished show canes have very stiff leather covered fiberglass shafts. Both the chrome and standard canes impart a very intense stinging sensation that will never be forgotten. Popular as well as a stunning fashion accessory.
Cane Carrying Case
This DARK GREEN soft case lets you transport your victorian school canes, dragon canes and all other punishment canes and riding crops around very discreetly. It has a handle and Zips up securely. Will take crops and canes up to 105cm. Please note these are no longer black.
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