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Stainless steel and nickel plated bondage/suspension clips and variety of other top quality accessories finish off our range. There are smaller pieces that can help you get more from our other products as well as being individual items that stand alone.
When you lose the ability to see your other senses compensate and become more sensitive. This makes a blindfold an excellent way of heightening the pleasure you get from your other toys. Our range comes in different styles to suit individual tastes, with our Black Out Blindfold having the benefit of letting the wearer have their eyes open without being able to see anything at all.
Bondage Cuffs-Ankle
To match our wrist cuffs we manufacture a range of ankle cuffs to the same exceptionally high quality. The skins and fittings are the very best you can buy, meaning that they will be comfortable immediately and will not need to be broken in as is the case with cheaper alternatives.
Bondage Cuffs-Wrist
Nothing can rival these elegant wrist cuffs that are hand made from the finest leathers in the world. They are specially shaped to fit perfectly around the wrist making them exceptionally comfortable. All have luxurious extra soft lambskin suede linings in various colours. Various styles are available, all made to the same impeccable standard.
Bondage Thigh Belts
Quality Control thigh belts are as comfortable as our cuffs and collars. No other thigh belts can match the quality of the materials used and the way they are handcrafted. Adding these to your restraint collection gives you the choice of additional bondage positions otherwise not possible with just your wrist and ankle cuffs.
Bondage Waist Belts
These waist belts are perfectly shaped to fit the waist in the same way we shape all our other thigh belts, cuffs and collars. The 3 large D rings give various bondage options. Quality Control wrist cuffs can be attatched at the back of the belt or at either side. Alternatively, the D rings can be used as attachment points for bondage rope etc.
Our exquisite collars come in various metals and leather designs. They are shaped to fit perfectly around the neck making them much more comfortable than a normal collar. The leather collars can be matched with the waist belts, thigh belts, wrist and ankle cuffs to make a stunning bondage set.

Looking to buy School Canes & Punishment Canes? ...Our excellent rattan cane range consists of traditional school canes handcrafted from Kooboo Loontie and unrivalled natural dragon canes. Both are available in different weights offering a wide range of sensations. They are washed and sulphured making them cleaner and more hygienic, with knots being sanded down to give a first class finish. A selection of very severe singapore prison & fibreglass showcanes are also available that can be used for show or as very effective discipline instruments.

Fist Mitts
There is just no escaping from these fine leather fist mitts, which can easily be clipped together. They are very effective for keeping disobedient hands out of mischief and are made from full grain hides, with a grade one English spur strap belt to tighten them up around the wrist.
Quality Control floggers are the undoubtedly the finest in the world. Only the very best full grain leathers and suedes are selected from the worlds top tanneries. Most are water resistant which means they are much easier to care for than normal skins. Each flogger is individually handmade by our experienced craftsmen to an exceptionally high standard. There is a variety of sizes and materials than give a range of sensations from very severe to very gentle.
Handcrafted from mahogany, these unrivalled pieces of furniture stand in a class of its own. The fittings are heat-treated, high tensile aluminum for extra strength and lightness, with stainless steel shakle plates. All joints are bolted to give extra rigidity and luxurious soft English leather is used to cover the saddles. These unique pieces of furniture are designed for the true spanking connoisseur.
Our range of gags will help keep your submissive silent as they try to scream and moan. They are also very erotic to look at and are an effective method of control. All of the fittings are first class, with stainless steel used for parts entering the mouth. Skins are water resistant making them easy to care for.
Total Control Handcuffs are made by the people who owned Hiatts. They have taken their vast experience of making handcuffs and produced an even better range that is now used by police forces around the world. All the modern range have a unique backloading feature for speedcuffing and the old patterns have rounded edges to make them more comfortable for the wearer.
Head Harness
This remarkable head harness is made from the finest full grain cowhide. All the straps are adjustable and the gag can be removed when necessary. A fantastic looking product which looks amazing when worn with our strap dress. It leaves the wearer totally at your mercy.
These masks are made from the finest English bridle leather. They are individually hand moulded before all edges are rounded, stained and polished to give a truly first class appearance. A range of looks are available from the feminine feline Cat Mask, through to the sinister Full Face Mask. All come with a leather ribbon to tie at the back.
Opera Gloves
The very finest and softest lambskins are used on our leather opera gloves which makes them ultra comfortable to wear, as well as looking sexy and elegant. We will make these gloves to your individual hand and arm sizes so they fit perfectly. Available in four different colours these are without doubt the best leather opera gloves you will find in the world, without exception.
Quality Control paddles are hand crafted from the finest vegetable tanned stirrup butt, the very best leather that can be used for paddles. It has a higher fat content is so that it is more durable, heavier and less likely to crack than cheap dry leather. All edges are rounded, stained and polished giving a truly first class appearance. Each paddle has been rated as severe, moderate or gentle.
Riding Crops

Quality Control crops are made to the highest standards. All have leather flappers which are hand whipped onto the shafts and then varnished, unlike other other cheaper copies. Our range consists of different flapper sizes and shafts to give a variety of sensations. Various lines are produced in different colours to give a wide choice. To help you select the right crop we have given each a rating from 1-5 based on the flexibility of the shaft: 1-very stiff, 5-very flexible

Our superb bondage rope is made to a bondage specification so it holds knots very well, lies flat on the skin and is less likely to burn. Available in cotton, nylon and silk, this rope is 8mm in diameter and is finished with a heat shrink end to stop fraying and snagging when feeding the rope through knots.
Our straps are handmade with the finest oak bark tanned stirrup butt in the the world. This unique leather takes 14 months to produce and is finished by hand with a special blend of natural oils and greases that protect and feed the leather whilst simultaneously emphasising the natural grain and colour. The result is leather that is unrivalled, hardwearing, strong and has a distinctive colour. The quality and luxury of these straps are testimony to the unique tanning methods and the skilled craftsmanship with which every piece is made. They are finished to the highest standards and are available in various designs and weights. Each falls into one of four categories: very severe, severe, moderate or gentle.
Slave Leads
From heavy chain slave leads with police issue handcuffs on the end to elegant fine chain lambskin leads, we have a range of superb slave leads for every occasssion. The bridle leather handles are all edged and polished to give beautifully finished edges and our lambskins are all water resistant to help keep them clean. A variety of different colours are available to help you match them up with your favorite collar.
Strap Dresses
Our erotic strap dresses are stunning pieces of fetish fashion that will make you look and feel fantastic. They are made from the finest full grain cowides and have easy to clean lambskin lined crotches that are water resistant. All are adjustable to fit most sizes.
Suspension Cuffs
These excellent cuffs are hand crafted from top grade English Stirrup Butt which is pre-stretched and has a very high tensile strength. All are carefully finished by hand to the highest standards.The lambskin lined deluxe suspension cuffs are without doubt the best full suspension cuffs you will find anywhere in terms of both design and manufacture.
Suspension Sack
Totally surrender yourself in our fantastic suspension sack that tightens around the body making movement almost impossible. The incredibly strong seat belt grade webbing has no links in it ensuring total safety. It leaves enough skin exposed for a good spanking whilst being helplessly suspended. All fittings are stainless steel.
Quality Control tawses are handmade to traditional patterns by our experienced craftsmen. All are made from top grade English Stirrup Butt or Buffalo and finished to the highest standards, with all edges being rounded, stained and polished. The result is a range of exquisite tawses that will last for many years. They all perform differently depending on the leather and design used. Each falls into one of three categories:very severe, moderate or gentle
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